[:en]The archaeological tour to Samhvilde Archaeological Complex[:]


● Tour duration 9 hour. 
● Distance from Tbilisi to Samshvilde 70 km. 

The brief introduction in Samshvilde history unique history
Samshvilde, a historical city of Kvemo Kartli region in the southern part of Georgia, is a
complex and multi-period archaeological site. The city occupies a strategic and defendable
location on a basalt cape above ravines formed by the Khrami and Chivchava rivers. This
distinctive landscape position, combined with environmental conditions that include a mild
climate and an abundance of natural resources, have attracted human occupation for millennia.
Samshvilde and its surroundings may have been inhabited since the Neolithic era, but the
urban complex dates mainly to the medieval period, when it became the region’s principle
fortress and political-economic centre. Proximity to the northern branch of the Silk Road further
increased the site’s importance. Accordingly, Samshvilde was a place where various ethnic
groups and cultures converged, which is reflected in the preserved archaeological remains.
Despite the site’s importance and longevity, until recently there has been little concerted
archaeological study of Samshvilde. In 2012 the Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition was
initiated by the University of Georgia which has taken a multi-disciplinary approach to the site,
using archaeological, historic, art historical and geophysical methods. Future expansion of the
project is envisaged through cooperation between the University of Georgia and research
organizations and individual specialists who will bring new perspectives to the study of
Samshvilde’s past.
The structure of the tour and main visitable objects of the site
● St. George’s church of 10-11th
● The holly Virgin dormition church of 12-13th
● ,,Tetralite” – prehistoric megalith structure built by basalt boulders.
● Samshvilde citadel – main fortification system of the city.
● Visiting archaeological excavations (short introduction, observing, workshop).
● ,, the Royal Bath” inside the citadel walls.
● The Samshvilde Basilica of 10th
● Samshvilde Sioni Cathedral of 8th
c. with old Georgian Inscription on the façade.
● St. Theodor’s church of 12th
c. with mural paintings.
● The view on Khrami Canyon and observing wild nature.

Tour includes:
● Transportation Tbilisi-Samshvilde-Tbilisi
● English speaking guide to the Site
● Dinner
● Archaeological exposition and imitation excavations
● Producing archaeological artefacts (workshop)
● ,,prehistoric hunting’’ (bows and arrows)

Price for the tour – group of 10 people: 90 USD/per pers.
Additional service due the tour (not included in tour price).
● Riding the horses (16 USD/per person hour)[:]